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(Book) Zombie by Joely Skye


** Warning: This is erotica, skip it if you are offended **

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I had to double check that I read the same book as some of the other reviews I’ve seen. There wasn’t really much violence in this book, at least nothing graphic or scary. There were a couple of light erotica scenes and a weird story.

I think this probably falls more under a short story – the second of three it appears (I missed that somehow when I got this book). And you kind of have to read them in order. I spent the first third of this story completely lost. There’s nothing to start out to keep you up, it just dumps you in the middle.

Perhaps all 3 (if it’s complete) should be re-bundled as a novella or something? Either way, if you are interested in reading this book, read them in order (appears to be Monster, then this one, then Minder – I think!).

I don’t know that I enjoyed this story enough to go back, pay for, and read the first short story.

Product Description

For two years the agency has controlled Josh Mackay’s every move. But his real nightmare begins when Brad, a Minder, makes Josh his zombie. Kiran Brunner decides it is time to meet Josh again-and save him.

Second book in the Minders series.

Two years after Minder Kiran Brunner abducted Josh Mackay, Josh’s life is in ruins. The agency controls his every move. He is essentially their prisoner. Josh dreams of escape. Instead, a nightmare arrives in the form of Brad.

When Josh becomes Brad’s zombie, Kir rescues Josh from the amoral Minder and the agency. Now Josh knows what Kir is and how he was used two years ago. Their relationship is built on hatred and fear, no matter how badly Kir wants Josh to trust him.

Kir is patient and protective. However, Kir may not be able to protect Josh, and himself, from those who wish them harm.

Warning, this title contains the following: violence and explicit male/male sex.


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  1. Angela 5 June 2014 at 4:33 am Permalink

    Erotica zombie story? I already want to read this book =)
    Angela´s last blog post ..Awesome zombie games

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