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(Book) Uncubicled by Josh McMains


{First a public service announcement…. Dear Authors: Please stop with the epilogues that leave it open for a sequel. We know you can make a sequel out of any book, but you are ruining a perfectly good ending. Open your next book with a prelude or something. You are driving us readers crazy. it does not make us more apt to read the next book, it makes us apt to give you a bad review for driving us mad. We readers like our books with pretty little bows wrapped around them. Stop it. Please.}

Quite a catchy title, isn’t it? Would have made a great title for a home business type of book too, but this is a thriller type of book. Currently, only available on Kindle, I grabbed it because the price was right and I wanted something by a new author and an easy read. This looked like it would fit the bill, and it did…

I won’t whine about the ending again since I did that already (ARGH!)… but the book itself was really very good. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. I liked that it kept me guessing and never once did I feel fooled by the author, he stayed true to his own writing. So many times, they make it up as they go along and change the rules on us.

I don’t want to say too much about the book – read the description for that, but if you need a lighter read, something to read when you really don’t know what you want to read, this is a great choice. I look forward to seeing what the author does next!

Product Description
Watch the movie trailer at uncubicled.com

Joe Tompkins was having a bad day at the office: boring meetings, pointless assignments, and this feeling that he was being watched. When he could take no more, he did what anyone would do. He knocked out his co-worker with a keyboard and escaped.

From cube-dwelling author Josh McMains comes a dark comedy that brings conspiracy back to corporate America. Uncubicled follows the drastic series of events that would take one man from his mid-level desk job to an elaborate getaway from the long arm of the law—and perhaps something even more sinister.

Along the way, Joe crosses paths with former friends whose destinies have been intertwined from the start. Joe encounters mystery, adventure, and car trouble as he struggles to find out what he was always meant to do and who, exactly, wants him dead.

And you thought YOUR job sucked.

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