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(Book) sTORI Telling by Tori Spelling


I read this book after my mother, who raved about it, said I should. My mother? A Tori Spelling fan? I wouldn’t have guessed, but she said she watches her TV show (she has a TV show? I responded – I don’t watch much TV). Anyway, I hadn’t heard anything about or from Tori Spelling since 90210 and that cheerleader TV movie, other than that nasty stuff in the press after her father died… so I went in to this not knowing a whole lot…

I figured it was going to be a whole “poor little me” book that I’d have to gag my way through. Honestly, I wasn’t holding out much hope, if I’m being honest. I realize that sounds harsh, but well, that’s just being truthful.

Well. I was wrong.

Let me first say that the writing isn’t fabulous. She rambles off a bit sometimes and it could have been held together a little bit more with the help of a good editor. Her point does come across, but we sometimes take the long way through her brain to get there. Not necessarily a bad thing, it was interesting to be inside of her head sometimes (not nearly as empty as one is led to believe I think).

The story was interesting. I like how she says up front that although she’s supposed to say that growing up she felt completely normal, she lets you know ahead of time that it wasn’t quite like that. I like that she speaks candidly about her relationship with her mother. I like that she takes blame for some things (heck, most things). I think she probably didn’t take enough blame for the Charlie situation (see, I didn’t even know any of this!), but I can see where it must have been hard for her to admit that in print, much less in public at the time.

I absolutely loved that she tells us how she felt about all of this, that she’s honest about her faults, her family, her life. I felt connected to what she was saying and who she was talking about.

This is a really great memoir. (And no, I can’t believe I’m saying that. If half of what she says is true, she seems like a real down to earth person, someone you’d be proud to be as your neighbor). Hats off to you, Tori – and shame on people like me that make snap judgments.


She was television’s most famous virgin — and, as Aaron Spelling’s daughter, arguably its most famous case of nepotism. Portraying Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, Tori Spelling became one of the most recognizable young actresses of her generation, with a not-so-private personal life every bit as fascinating as her character’s exploits. Yet years later the name Tori Spelling too often closed — and sometimes slammed — the same doors it had opened.

sTORI telling is Tori’s chance to finally tell her side of the tabloid-worthy life she’s led, and she talks about it all: her decadent childhood birthday parties, her nose job, her fairy-tale wedding to the wrong man, her so-called feud with her mother. Tori has already revealed her flair for brilliant, self-effacing satire on her VH1 show So NoTORIous and Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: Inn Love, but her memoir goes deeper, into the real life behind the rumors: her complicated relationship with her parents; her struggles as an actress after 90210; her accident-prone love life; and, ultimately, her quest to define herself on her own terms.

From her over-the-top first wedding to finding new love to her much-publicized — and misunderstood — “disinheritance,” sTORI telling is a juicy, eye-opening, enthralling look at what it really means to be Tori Spelling.

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  1. Lanel 14 October 2009 at 2:45 am Permalink

    Agree again. 🙂 After reading the book my first thought (seriously, I know I'm crazy) was I want to be a blackberry buddy with her. And no, not because I'm a fan/groupie (although I admit I've liked her as an actress) but because I thought she seemed REAL.

    I thought the same thing about the Charlie portion. I did like that she ended that section saying that she's still in the hurt stage and that he's not a bad person.

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