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Amazon gift cards – for my budget or your gift

I absolutely adore Amazon gift cards. All of my friends and family use Amazon so it’s a sure thing gift for everyone I know. Everyone can find SOMETHING on Amazon that they must have. I usually have them sent via email (because I also am horrible about remember birthdays and other important dates until the last minute), but I’ve also sent them via mail. Both are well presented, the claim code is very visible and the recipients have been thrilled.

I use them myself for my Kindle purchases. I have a certain $ allowance each month that I set up for my book-buying. I purchase a gift card each month and apply it to my account. When that money is gone, I can buy no more books until next month. This seems to keep me from overspending on books (which I can get carried away with!).

Whether you are looking to budget yourself or looking for a great gift (planned or last minute!), Amazon gift cards are definitely worthy of your bookmarks 🙂

From Amazon.com:
Get them what they’ve always wanted. (Even if you don’t know what it is.)
* Redeemable for millions of items
* Ships for free, never expires
* Available in any amount from $5 to $5,000

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  1. Dynila 29 July 2009 at 8:20 pm Permalink

    heh. That's how I ration my iTunes spending. Thank goodness I only buy music; if I bought tv & movies it'd break me!

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