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(Restaurant) Valentino’s Seafood in Houston, TX

Looking for great food at a great price? How about terrific service and a wonderful, fun atmosphere? If you are, stay away from Valentino’s. When we arrived, the restaurant was dead quiet except for a movie playing in the bar. We had 3 kids with us, and this seemed perfect. We were seated so they could both see and hear the movie. Then they cranked up the store sound system playing country music. And I do mean cranked. I had to yell across the restaurant to get our servers attention. When we finally did get the music turned off, they also turned off the volume on the TV.

Luckily, it was time to order. 1 cajun steak and shrimp, 1 stuffed baked fish, 3 orders of chicken fingers. Easy fare. The food came out quickly, which is the only good thing I can say about it. The children immediately complained about their food. I tasted one, prepared to tell them it was fine….it wasn’t. The chicken and its breading were completely tasteless. They also dripped with oil. The only thing edible on the plates was the garlic bread. The baked fish was only missing the oil part of the previous description. The Cajun steak and shrimp? Apparently Cajun means “burnt and tasteless”. The shrimp actually crumbled when I picked them up. The steak I ordered “Medium Well”, which it was on the inside. The outside was black and greasy. There were no grill marks. I can only assume it was cooked on a fryer in the back. Because all of the food was just horrid, we ate what we could and left, knowing that if we complained, goodness only knows what we’d get back. No thank you!

The waitstuff hung out watching the TV and barely checked on us much less acknowledged us.

Avoid Valentino’s even if it means eating at McDonalds. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it more.

I usually copy something from their website here, but I won’t because I wouldn’t want to encourage ANYONE to go here… this place was just horrid. They don’t even get a pic. LOL. Seriously, bad bad bad.

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