25 June 2009 ~ 0 Comments

(Restaurant) Paradise Key Island Grill in Rockport, TX

This restaurant is located on the bay in Key Allegro. The setting couldn’t be better for a nice seafood restaurant. However, I think we got our hopes up a bit before going to eat here. We were doomed the minute we walked it. We went at lunch and the patio area was bathed in searing heat so we decided to eat inside. Unfortunately, the temperature was only slightly better here. By the time we were done eating we were all ready to escape to the air conditioning of our minivan.

As for the food, maybe we just ordered the wrong things. However, if you really look down the menu you will quickly realize that fried fare is more than fairly represented at this restaurant. Even things we ordered that didn’t seem like they would be fried came to the table fried. The flavor was good, but nothing to shout about.

Maybe if we had gone at night I would be able to rate Paradise Grill a little higher. As it was, even inside it was too warm to appreciate our meal.

Their website is HERE

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