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(Restaurant) Los Comales in Rockport, TX *gag*

I realize we are used to good Mexican food here in Austin, but bad really doesn’t even begin to explain how horrible this place in Rockport really was… there were 8 of us and not one of us liked this place.

Many times my family will pick restaurants based on how many cars are out front. A lot of cars out front usually mean the food is really good (or at least acceptable and really cheap). In the case of Los Comales, this rule failed us horribly. We had an hour wait (with horribly mixed cocktails) to prepare ourselves for our fate.

Food at this restaurant comes in two forms: bland and spiceless or covered in sauce to the point it is unrecognizable. In at least one case (their carne asada) it comes bland, spiceless, AND covered in sauce. You can order a cocktail from the bar, but unless it is a standard margarita, you are rolling the dice on what you are going to get. Even the children’s food (which even in the best restaurants is pretty basic) was either 1.)lacking in flavor (their chicken strips) or 2.)had so little on the plate the child was left hungry (the quesadillas). It was also so loud that you couldn’t hear anything, just a horrible experience.

“Steak…Seafood…Mexican” is the Los Comales motto. Perhaps they should pick one and stay with it?

Their website is HERE, but don’t be fooled, it’s nastier than nasty.

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