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(Product) Tetris DS by Nintendo

Back in the 80’s I got my first Gameboy. I was young and broke and for a while the only game I had was Tetris. That one title did more to get me hooked on gaming than just about any other. I have really missed the feel of the classic and was hoping to see a remake on the DS. I finally found it and I could not have asked for more. With new modes of play and the return of the “Head-to-Head” mode that made multiplayer so much fun, this game really brings back the memories. I only wish that the classic Tetris screens and music weren’t replaced by standard Nintendo themes.

Product Features

* The traditional Tetriminos (falling blocks) and line-clearing strategy remain the same, but the touch screen adds new interactivity
* 10 DS players can battle with only one Tetris DS card
* Battle on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
* Push Mode, Catch Mode, Puzzle Mode, Mission Mode and more

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