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(Product) Logitech 939-000091 Comfort Lapdesk

The Logitek Lapdesk is a great accessory for anyone that does a lot of computing from the living room. The angle produced by the bend is perfect for sitting comfortably on the sofa and browsing the web or even typing up a document. The padding is covered in the same cloth that a lot of high-end, high-use office chairs use. This allows your legs to breath and doesn’t get your pants sticky with sweat during long-term use.

The only down-side is the shiny top of the desk. While this makes the desk more attractive, it also ensures that you need a mouse pad if you are going to use the desk with a netbook and mouse. The desk isn’t big enough for a full size laptop and mouse pad, however, so even having room for the mouse with the netbook could be seen as a positive.

The lapdesk is much better than just holding the netbook in your lap or even using a small table. I’ll be using it from now an whenever I need to use my netbook in other rooms of my house.

From the Manufacturer
The heat-shielding design helps protect your body from laptop heat, and the stable, lightweight design makes it easy to move around. When used in a seated position, the angled riser positions your laptop to help improve neck and leg comfort. The soft, air-mesh fabric adds an extra level of comfort.

Without a lapdesk, you must lock your knees together to create a base for your notebook, putting undue stress on your lap and legs. This position also forces you into an awkward viewing angle, placing additional strain on your neck and head.

A lapdesk gives you a base for your notebook, increasing leg comfort and giving you more freedom of movement. The tilt elevates the display to a comfortable viewing height and the unique, 4-layer design shields you from unwanted notebook heat.


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