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(Product) Animal Crossing: City Folks

It is really hard to call any of the Animal Crossing titles a “game”. More like a “Life Simulation in a crazy, mixed up cartoon world.” That is not to say the titles aren’t fun, they are! If you like the other AC titles, City Folk adds to the formula that has been working since I first played Animal Crossing on the GameCube. The addition of voice-chat sounds like it could be nice, but I haven’t had the occasion to try that as of yet. You do not have to look very far to see touching, real-world stories involving the past Animal Crossing games bringing families closer to each other. There seems to be something truly magic about this family of titles.

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If you were given the keys to your own community, what would you do? Go fishing, collect shells or watch fireworks with friends? Build a snowman, exchange presents with family or decorate your house for the holidays? Take a trip to the city, go on a shopping spree or visit friends from all over the globe? In Animal Crossing: City Folk, life moves at a relaxed pace, but the world brims with endless possibilities. Not to mention, this special bundle includes Wii Speak. With the new Wii Speak Accessory, it’s like you’re all in the same room. The microphone sits atop the sensor bar and picks up the conversation of everyone in the room to encourage a more inclusive experience. The Wii Speak accessory requires an on-line connection.

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  1. Dy 6 June 2009 at 9:52 pm Permalink

    So you liked it?

    J got this one for Christmas last year–special requested it even–and didn't like it. She liked the commercials, the game itself bored her to tears and when she wasn't bored she was frustrated.

    We traded it in for credit last month & picked up Rock Band 2 for the wii in its place.

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