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(Book) Larry’s Kidney by Daniel Asa Rose


I managed to make it through 100 pages of this book before I realized that I honestly didn’t care if Larry got his kidney or not. This is my genre, travel, memoir, funny… I was so disappointed to not like this book. I really really wanted to.

I want to burn this book – or give it to my worst enemy. Hate simply isn’t a strong enough word to describe my feelings. It was so incredibly boring and useless and meandering and horrid. It wasn’t even funny. Not one bit. It fell completely flat. The language wasn’t funny, the speech problem wasn’t funny, the “look we’re breaking the law” wasn’t funny, the bride wasn’t funny, the kidney wasn’t funny.

I really don’t know what to say about this book. Save yourself. Skip it.


The Adventure of a Lifetime (Really): A Madcap Odyssey of the Heart (& a Kidney) on the Far Side of the Earth (Hello, China!?)

Larry Feldman desperately needed a kidney. After two god-awful years on dialysis, watching his life ebb away while waiting on a transplant list behind 74,000 other Americans, the gun-toting couch potato decided to risk everything and travel to China, the controversial kingdom of organ transplants. But Larry urgently needed his cousin Daniel’s help . . . even though they have been on the outs with each other for years.

Sure, Chinese law forbids transplants to Westerners, but that didn’t faze Larry. He was confident he could shake out a single pre-loved kidney from the country’s 1.3 billion people. But wait: Larry was never one to not get his money’s worth. Since he was already shelling out for a trip to China, he decided to make it a twofer: He arranged to pick up an (e-)mail-order bride while he was at it. After a tireless search on the Internet, he already knew the woman he wanted.

Backed by a quarter-million-dollar disability settlement (was it the icicle falling on his head or the truck rear-ending him?) and armed with an all-purpose letter of recommendation from a devoted nun, Larry ventured forth from his Florida condo on an unlikely search for life and love in the most cryptic country on earth. Conflicted about the ethical issues surrounding medical tourism, and with no time to cultivate even a single Chinese contact, Daniel left the next day, on his own dime.

So begins the quest of two star-crossed cousins to rejuvenate Larry’s failing body and ever-romantic heart,while avoiding getting tossed into a Chinese slammer. An unforgettable adventure filled with Red Guards who waltz at midnight and former enemies who prove more true than family, Larry’s Kidney is the funniest yet most heartwarming book of the year.


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