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(Product) Panasonic SR-MS182 Fuzzy-Logic 20-Cup Rice Cooker, White

The first thing that went through my mind when the Panasonic SR-MS182 Rice Cooker showed up on my doorstep was,”Where am I going to store this thing?” The box was huge! Luckily, it turns out that the unit was just extremely well packed. The unit itself is just a little bigger than my old standard rice cooker, but holds about 4 times as much.

After opening the box I was struck by two things: 1.) The unit matched my modern kitchen very well and 2.)The timer and menu display was already functioning (the clock was even set right). Body of the rice cooker is very similar in design to my bread machine and combo grill/microwave. The menu being active right out of the box means to me that I do not have to worry about power outages wreaking havoc with my dinner plans. Once power returns, the unit will do what it was programmed to do, no lost memory.

The unit also has a very sturdy handle. You can cook your rice in advance and then take the unit with you. You can also use the SR-MS182 to carry and keep warm any dish you are taking to your neighborhood potluck.

So how well does it work? So far I’ve used it for steaming vegetables and baking a cake. Yes, I said a cake! Not only will the SR-MS182 make rice and steam vegetables but it is also a slow cooker and can be used to make cake and many other recipes that are included in the operating manual (would have been nice if these had been in a separate book).

When steaming vegetables the screen immediately displays 10 minutes cooking time. However for large amounts of vegetables you will want to extend this time. 10 minutes was just enough time for ½ of a yellow squash and ½ of a zucchini cut into strips. The vegetables were cooked but still firm and retained a lot more flavor than boiling.

To see just how good this “rice cooker” really was I decided to follow Panasonics instructions for cooking a cake. I used a standard out-of-the-box chocolate cake mix. I followed the time instructions on the box and then went about other business till the cake was done. The cake came out perfect, just as if I had made it in the oven. I set the timer as if making 2 8″ rounds (40 minutes).

I highly recommend the SR-MS182 to anyone that cooks rice, steams vegetables, or just wants a new, flexible kitchen gadget. If that sounds like you, then this product is well worth the money.

Product Description

Panasonic 10-Cup (uncooked) Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker, Micro-computer controlled, Black Binchotan Non-stick coated Pan with Dimples, Domed Lid with Moisture Cap, 24-hour Clock Timer, Automatic Cooking, 12-hour Keep Warm, Auto Shut-off, 8-menu settings, Big Orange LCD Readout, Deluxe Steaming Basket included, Detachable Power Cord, Print Water Level, White finish with Chrome-menu Display, Carry handle, Measuring-Cup and Rice Scoop included.


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