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(Book) Where’s My F*cking Latte? by Mark Yoshimoto


This book is 1/3 funny, 1/3 stupid and 1/2 “huh” as far as the stories go. I was less than thrilled with this book, if you get it for $1.59 on the Kindle (like I did) or grab a copy from the used book store, it would probably be worth it, otherwise… don’t bother. The 1/3 of the good stories don’t really make up for the bad and stupid ones.

Product Description
DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS… Every movie and TV star has one. So does every agent and manager. Some producers and studio execs have two or even three. I’m talking about an assistant. Someone to answer your phones, pick up your dry cleaning. Someone to hide your drugs. Your assistant knows what you eat, who you’re sleeping with and what medications you’re taking. They listen in on your phone calls. They are the eyes and ears of Hollywood… and occasionally they talk. Culled from dozens of interviews with former and current Hollywood assistants, Where’s My F*cking Latte is a no-holds barred insider’s look at what really goes on behind Tinseltown’s closed doors.


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  1. Cherie 31 March 2009 at 7:34 pm Permalink

    you know… i’ve been wondering the same thing! (about where my latte’s run off to, i mean!) 😉

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