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(Book) The Manny by Holly Peterson


Okay, this book was crap… I won’t lie. But it’s also fluffy easy-reading crap. Nothing really made me mad or anything, it was just easy reading “can see the ending a mile away” type of thing. Save it for the beach this Summer, but it’s worth a read. Kind of sad the woman had to hire someone to play with her kid though. It’s fiction, but you know that some poor kids have these guys that are paid to play with them because their dad is too busy. *laugh*

Okay… like I said, it’s total junk, but it’s a beach read for sure. Pick it up and read it in June on vacation 🙂


What’s a Park Avenue working mom to do when her troubled son desperately needs a male role model and her husband is a power workaholic? If she’s like the gutsy heroine of Holly Peterson’s astute new comedy of manners among the ill-mannered elite, she does what every other woman on the block does. She hires herself a “manny.”

A solid middle-class girl from Middle America, Jamie Whitfield isn’t “one of them” but she lives in “the Grid,” the wealthiest acre of real estate in Manhattan, where big money and big media collide. And she has most everything they have–a big new apartment, full-time help with her three children, as well as her very own detached Master of the Universe attorney husband. What she doesn’t have, however, is a full-time father figure for their struggling nine-year-old son, Dylan. But the rich haven’t yet encountered a problem they can’t hire someone else to solve.

Enter the manny.

At first the idea of paying a man to provide a role model for Dylan sounds too crazy to be true. But one look at Peter Bailey is enough to convince Jamie that the idea may not be quite so insane after all. Peter is calm, cool, competent, and so charmingly down-to-earth, he’s irresistible. And with the political sex scandal of the decade propelling her career as a news producer into overdrive, and her increasingly erratic husband locked in his study with suspicious files, Jamie is in serious need of some grounding.

Peter reminds her of everything she once was, still misses, and underneath all the high-society glitz, still is. But will the new manny in her life put the groundback beneath her feet, or sweep her off them?


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    Giving away a copy of your book is so generous…thank you. I’d love to read it.
    mistyfuji (at) yahoo (dot) com

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