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(Product) Soap Nuts by LaundryTree.com

Somewhere on twitter I saw someone talking about laundry and soap nuts. I was intrigued. So, I googled, and ended up at http://www.laundrytree.com where, my friends, I spent a good 10 minutes reading and laughing. These folks are selling some sort of nuts/seeds/whatever and telling people it will clean your laundry. What-EVER. And then I saw it can help with eczema. My son, 8, has it constantly, always scratching, bleeding. The poor kid. And I’m always desperate to find something to help.

I asked on twitter if anyone knew anything about it… and to my surprise the people that run the place sent me a message and offered a sample. Hey! Cool, free stuff. Then it came in the mail. They are these slightly sticky round things and at this point, I’m pretty sure they are going to make my laundry get all stained black. I shrug and throw some towels in the wash because, well, it’s towels. Then I opened the little bag. I don’t know how to say this – the soap nuts do not smell like soap. They don’t smell BAD (although I wouldn’t take a big whiff on purpose), but Tide this ain’t folks.

… I followed the instructions and voila. Clean, fluffy towels (actually very fluffy, I was quite impressed). They didn’t smell bad or good or anything, they were just clean and light.

… but the big test… my son’s clothes. We started putting his in a separate hamper and when we got a load, my husband volunteered to give it a shot. See, the soap nuts are activated with hot/warm water and we wash colors on cold only. We followed the instructions, easy enough – boil some water, put the nuts in and make a liquid solution. Easy, right?

Yeah. About 5 minutes later I walked by the kitchen and started looking for the vomit. The smell is NOT good. The husband finally identified what it smells like – wet dog. And that’s exactly what it smells like.

So, back to twitter I go to ask what the deal is with the smell – and duh! – she said we could also boil water, pour it over the nuts in a jar and let them steep a while. So, we tried that next time. No problem at all! We just make sure to open it in the garage.

[Let me pause here to say that Tom didn’t think it was all that bad. I have a VERY sensitive nose. I’m pretty sure I’m part bloodhound.]

Ah… but, you are all sitting on pins and needles… did it work?…

We don’t know yet. We have seen a definite improvement in his eczema. So, we are going for an extended test period and ordered a bag of nuts to see if it does help long-term. I must admit that I love how soft and clean the clothes feel. The smell is a definite turn off, but if it helps him long term, then I’m all over it. They are also better for the environment, I know. I’m just not quite ready to make the full change for all of us. Maybe one day… 🙂

Give these a shot if you are into the green thing or have problems with eczema… definitely worth an order! Visit them at http://www.laundrytree.com.

Oh, and don’t let my ramblings about the smell get to you. It’s not like it smells like roses, but it just may be worth it 🙂

From their website:
Did you know that there’s a FRUIT that will get your laundry clean?
It’s TRUE! Soapnuts are the fruit of a tree (Sapindus Mukorossi), found primarily in India, Indonesia, and Nepal, and they are an EXCELLENT alternative to traditional, chemical-laden detergents. How are soapnuts prepared for use in your wash? They are simply harvested, de-seeded, and then dried in the sun. That’s it! No chemicals or unnatural substances are involved! And they WORK — they really, really work!

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  1. cheesygiraffe 3 December 2008 at 8:30 pm Permalink

    Both my sons had eczema from the time they were 2 months old till they were 4 or 5. I’m glad they grew out of it. We used Aveeno a lot in the tub and Sensitive skin Dove. And double rinsed there clothes when we washed them. Also we used Crisco on their eczema rashes.

  2. Marina 4 December 2008 at 6:55 am Permalink

    I’m going to forward this to my SIL; her youngest has eczema.

  3. Johnny Smith 17 October 2011 at 10:15 am Permalink

    Incredibly insightful many thanks, I think your trusty subscribers could quite possibly want a good deal more posts like that keep up the good effort.

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