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(Book) Watchdog Nation by Dave Lieber


Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to attend the IVAA Summit in Charlotte where the keynote speaker was Dave Lieber. I didn’t know too much about him, a close friend and colleague knew him and said he was very nice and all that good stuff. Keynote speakers are always hot or cold. I either love ’em or hate them (some come off as too out of touch with reality). I think within 30 seconds of Dave opening his mouth, I loved him. He is, well, the Yankee Cowboy. He told his story, I laughed and I tried to not let anyone see that big tough Candy B was getting all teary listening to him. He was a dynamic speaker, to say the least. But he was more than that. He was honest and he was very much “every man” – his voice isn’t some soft and suave voice – he makes mistakes, he laughs at himself (and the rest of us!). I got his book there (The Dog of My Nightmares) and took it home with me and read parts of it, I could hear his voice in it. The man truly writes and speaks from the heart.

Last month, I went to the post office and there was a book waiting for me – this is not unusual, you can only begin to guess how many books I get in the mail – I have a small problem with books. Well, what do you know… Mr. Lieber had sent the VAs that he met at that conference a free copy of his new book. And he wrote in and signed each one – personalized them. A marketing ploy, perhaps, but he didn’t have to do that, to take that time (or hire someone to do it *laugh*). My point is that for whatever the reason, it was nice gesture. No matter – it really does speak to who is – a genuinely good guy with an amazing talent to draw people in.

Okay, so now you know the long back story just to get my little piddly review…

This book is a collection of stories that will make you laugh and cry. From the guy that spent a LOT of time chasing down $40 all the way through the end… It’s people that have reached out to Dave and his column in the newspaper wanting justice and just a little bit of customer service, darn it. It’s REALLY funny, it’s touching. I had the added bonus of hearing his voice in my head while reading it (yes, Dave Lieber is the voice in my head! I finally have a reason for my insanity).

Just go buy it. I don’t see it on Amazon yet, but it’s at his website. Check it out. It’s really really good.

From the website:
The book they don’t want you to read! Dave Lieber’s Watchdog Nation shares tips, tools and strategies to bite back when businesses and scammers do you wrong. Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by learning how you can overcome the pickpockets that call themselves the electric company, the phone company, debt collectors, banks, scammers, door-to-door salesmen and countless others who want to harm you and your family. With real stories about real people — by the ultimate authority on the subject.

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  1. Dave Lieber 3 December 2008 at 6:20 pm Permalink

    Gosh, darn, rootin-tootin' >>>
    This is fantastic. I'm so honored!!

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