11 December 2008 ~ 0 Comments

(Book) Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville


I bought this because my son proclaimed that not enough kid’s books had dragons. So, I asked a million people and this is one book that came up again and again. So, I bought it for him to read.

Then he tells me that it sounds stupid and he doesn’t want to read it. Fine. I read it and laughed a lot. When I was done, he said he wanted to read it and I reminded him he didn’t want to. Yeah, now he does (yeah, sneaky, reverse psychology and all that).

Anyway, this is a really really cute children’s book about Jeremy, who, well… finds and hatches a dragon’s egg! So cute and has some funny parts as well. I think my son will be pleasantly surprised.


Small for his age but artistically talented, twelve-year-old Jeremy Thatcher unknowingly buys a dragon’s egg.

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