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(Book) Discipline by Paco Ahlgren


I’ve been sneaking in local Austin authors to my reading because – well, just because darn it, so I jumped at the chance to read this when the author’s assistant tracked me down. I have a few book clubs I’m in and she gave us a bunch of copies. Worked out great because we got reading material. I will say that I googled this book to death when she first contacted us. It was odd because there were two descriptions of the book on the internet. The first was scary. Using words like quantum physics (eeep!). The other made it sound like a thriller. Still, I was intrigued, so I got them and mailed/dropped them off the various people.

I also spoke through email to the assistant and found out a little more about the author. He’s an accounting/real estate guy. That wrote a book. Yeah. No offense to any of you guys – I’m a bookkeeper myself – one that has quite a few real estate clients – but I don’t know many people in the accounting field that have creative streaks. So yeah, I was a little leery, okay?

The first 100 pages or so lost me several times. I’m a bright lady, I “get it” but getting my arms around some of the theory was a task. However… the fiction, the story itself, is absolutely wonderful. I cannot believe this is his first book. I also cannot believe how spot on some of the things in the story are with what is going on now in the world. *laugh* A little creepy!

If you can get past the theory parts (and it’s not overly loaded – I didn’t once want to stab my eyes out with a fork), then you will really enjoy the suspense and the “thriller” parts of this. There are even parts that are very touching.

I’m trying to explain… okay, remember the first time you watched Fight Club? Nearly every person I know did not see the ending coming. Remember that moment you realized that your head was totally being messed with? Yeah… this book is like that, several times over. Totally screwed with me. Even made me question a few things and made me think.

Definitely read this one. I find it interesting that everyone I know who has read it has a definite (long) opinion on it.


Building on the vision of Kurt Vonnegut, the suspense of Michael Crichton, and the rich characters of Stephen King, Paco Ahlgren’s first novel Discipline paints a chilling picture of a world that defies human perception. Douglas Cole is being hunted –and protected–but he doesn’t know it. His life has been shattered by inexplicable tragedy, his waking hours haunted by ominous visions, but the more he pursues the questions plaguing him, the more elusive the answers become. Pushed to the brink of insanity, Douglas begins a desperate psychological battle with an enemy he cannot see, the outcome of which will determine the past, present, and future of human existence. Fusing blunt, gritty realism and philosophical passion with electrifying suspense, Discipline dissects our assumptions about reality.

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    My opinion is short. I wish I had read something else instead. 😉

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