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(Book) A Tree’s Christmas by James Andrew Bowen


This is a cute little Christmas book with a unique way point of view – from the view of the tree itself 🙂 There is a little bit of the cycle of life stuff and a little bit of god that parents might want to be aware of. I think this book is geared more towards older children (10+) – the themes might be a little too deep for younger kids (the main character, Anne, is 13) – this mom’s opinion only 🙂

There is a lot going in in this short holiday book, and it’s a cute little tale that is worth a read during the season.

I don’t see it listed on Amazon, but you can by it from the author’s website at http://www.atreeschristmas.com


Did Anne dream this story of the talking Christmas tree, or could it be real? You must decide for yourself. The story starts when a love-filled family’s Christmas in the country is over. The Christmas tree’s decorations are gently removed. Anne, her dad and their dog, Lucky, take the tree outside and lay it down in the snow-covered garden. That night, to the amazement, surprise and delight of the trees around the garden, the Christmas tree begins telling the exciting story of its wonder-filled adventures inside the family’s home during the Christmas season. All night, the trees listen as the Christmas tree tells its stories, and then…

“A Tree’s Christmas” will inspire children of all ages to appreciate anew the wonders of a family Christmas, and how the tree, at the center of it all, can play an even more meaningful role in the celebration than anyone can imagine. And, as the Christmas tree tells of its adventures, readers will come to understand the importance of leading a rich, full life that makes a difference – no matter what others say.

It’s a story that can be told over and over every Christmas, for generations to come, and still have genuine meaning for all who read it.

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