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(Restaurant) Sprinkles Frozen Yogurt on Anderson Mill in Austin, TX

Friends of ours told us about this new-ish place in our neighborhood to get ice cream – well frozen yogurt, which I prefer anyway. And this place is so NEAT. Why has no one thought of this before? It’s called Sprinkles and it’s located at 10700 Anderson Mill Road Austin, Texas (in the same center as Emler and Mesa Rosa). It appears to be completely local, which as you all know, local retail shops are close to my heart 🙂

Okay, so, you walk into this place and it doesn’t look like much. It’s new and it shows, not much decoration going on. There’s no big freezer case like you are used to at a regular old ice cream shop. They need to get some art on the walls, but hey, it’s ice cream, ya know?

You walk along the back wall and there are 3 ice cream machines with 2 flavors in each one. You can swirl the ones that are together. When we were there, it was Pumpkin Spice and Boysenberry, Chocolate and Vanilla, and Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies N Cream. I got the pumpkin spice. You choose the size cup you want and get as much – or little – frozen yogurt that you want. It’s ALL self serve and you can get a little sample cup at the register if you want to try before committing.

Then… oh, then… the real fun begins. There is a WALL of toppings and sprinkles and fun stuff to put on. They had cheese cake bites, pie fillings, sprinkles of every kind you can imagine, chocolate sauce, different candies. And you do it all yourself. No more extra charges for everything you get. I chose cheesecake bites and heath topping with a few whoppers on top. The kids got dino and heart sprinkles and cherries and god only knows what else.

Then… get this. You pay by the ounce. How awesome is that? We got out there with all 4 of us for $14. Seriously. Other shops we spend like $20 or $25. And it wasn’t just going out for ice cream. It was an adventure. Talk about awesome!

We are so totally going back there – plus they have a punch card, buy 9 get 1 free 🙂 They do offer birthday parties, but I think it’s a bit steep for what you get. They do fundraiser nights too – fun! I scanned in the documents I picked up HERE.

Okay, the bad part for us was the teenage girls behind the counter. They were too busy talking to each other to really notice that we were ready to check out, and they were talking through/over us to each other. I hate that. Yes, we know you are teenagers, I have no problem with that, but don’t be rude and ignore the customers.

Overall though, it was a great experience and I think we may most definitely go there when we want ice cream / frozen yogurt 🙂

From their website:
Get ready for a new experience in frozen yogurt! Not your typical yogurt shop, Sprinkles offers you the opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Grab a cup, swirl one or more of our delicious flavors, and sprinkle on your favorites from our huge topping bar. You may want to try one of the tart flavors, the latest trend in yogurt. Frozen yogurt from Sprinkles is more than a delicious treat, it’s an experience your friends and family will enjoy. Sweet or tart, plain or piled high with toppings, you will enjoy the finest in frozen yogurt dessert treats. It’s yogurt your way!

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    Thank you Candy, we’re so glad you hag a great experience at Sprinkles! 🙂

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