21 October 2008 ~ 0 Comments

(Movie) War, Inc.

This was good, but not great. I think I need to watch it a second time, actually. I did find the actors to be absolutely wonderful. I adore John Cusack and usually not so much Joan, but her style of acting fit this part absolutely perfectly.

I got a bit lost in the storyline, somehow missed the significance of the hot sauce (and am now obsessed with it actually)… but it’s worth a watch – but pay attention to this one, I was a bit distracted. Will give it another watch when I can pay attention closer!

Product Description
Recreating his role as a hitman, John Cusack gives a hilarious performance in War, Inc., a political satire set in Turaqistan, a Country occupied by an American private corporation run by a former U.S. Vice President (Dan Aykroyd). In an effort to monopolize the opportunities the war-torn nation offers, the corporation’s CEO hires Hauser (Cusack) to kill a Middle Eastern oil minister. Now, struggling with his own growing demons, the assassin must pose as the corporation s Trade Show Producer in order to pull off this latest hit, while maintaining his cover by organizing the high-profile wedding of Yonica Babyyeah (Hilary Duff), an outrageous Central Asian pop star, and keeping a sexy left-wing reporter (Marisa Tomei) in check.

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