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(Book) Loving Lefties by Jane Healey


I learned a few things by reading this book, but I don’t think it was really what I was looking for. I wanted more useful everyday things. I did learn that my son is more “multi-handed”. He writes and eats with his left, but he does a lot of other stuff with his right. Because everyone else in the family is right-handed I guess I wanted to know more about things I do to help him with his writing (atrocious) and things like that. I also wanted to know HOW to figure out if he’s just adapting to things (like the mouse – I never even though about if he needs it left handed. He SEEMS to be ok?). Do I just have to buy things? He says he wants to learn an instrument. Do I have to buy one of each? LOL

I dunno… It wasn’t a bad book, I just wanted more than the inspirational parts of it. Perhaps this wasn’t the book I was meant to read on this subject, so I’m looking for suggestions 🙂 We find it hard sometimes to help him because we want to use our right for things he wants to use his left. Mirroring and attempting to use our left doesn’t always work. I guess I need a left-handed friend/neighbor 🙂 My son is almost 8. Thinking of getting him a writing tutor that’s left handed.

Bottom line is that it was informative, but I think I wanted more real world and less medical stuff.


For a left-handed child in a right-friendly world, tasks that should come easily can seem confusing and frustrating. Parents of the more than 400,000 lefties born annually in the United States have had no resource that deals seriously with the learning difficulties their children face — until now.

Loving Lefties is the first ever guide to address all the issues pertinent to left-handedness: the biology, the physiology, and the psychological and practical effects of being a left-handed child. An essential aid for parents, teachers, and professionals, it covers the history and mythology of the left-handed brain, and offers sound advice on:
• recognizing left-handedness in a child
• making your child’s home and school lefty-friendly
• giving your child appropriate direction and encouragement
• identifying the advantages of being left-handed
• helping your child learn the skills his right-handed parents, instructors, and siblings consider basic.

Filled with resource lists, guidelines, quick tips, answers to frequently asked questions, case studies, and anecdotes, Loving Lefties is the essential guide for raising a happy, healthy southpaw.

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