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(Book) Flying In Place by Susan Palwick


I stayed up late to finish this one. It starts out really slow and is a bit of yawn-fest while the set up the characters. Then the introduce Ginny and I was ready to just throw the book across the room. I didn’t remember or read the back and I was kind of thinking “Trite!”… but then… then… it got good. Really good. Oh, it’s a tough subject, on many fronts. But it’s so well written and reasonably well handled. Beautiful book, moving text, and an ending that I liked (yes, *I* liked an ending – that never happens). If you see this one, pick it up. It’s a rough going read, but it’s so well done and so moving.


Once in a while, a first novel arrives like a bolt of lightning, commanding attention with an explosion of power, grace, and light. Flying in Place is such a book. As unflinching as The Lovely Bones, as startling as Beloved, it is a work to bear witness–with bravery and compassion–for the experience of millions of readers and their loved ones.

Emma is twelve, a perfectly normal girl, in a perfectly normal home. With a perfectly normal father…who comes into her bedroom every night in the hours before dawn. Emma will do anything to escape. From the visits. From the bodies. From the breathing. Even go walking on the ceiling–which is where Emma meets Ginny, the sister who died before she was born. Ginny, who knows things. Ginny, who can fly….

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