17 September 2008 ~ 0 Comments

(Product) Shark Bottom-Emptying Cordless Sweeper

We have been through a few of these. The first was the one like this that didn’t have the bottom emptying part. The next was the lightweight one. They last a couple of years under very heavy use and then die. We have a LOT of tile in our house and I’m constantly sweeping because the kids are in and out. This thing rocks. It’s rechargeable and this one lasts about an HOUR. I leave it plugged in in my kitchen so we can grab it. The new bottom emptying is GENIUS. This is NOT for heavy duty cleaning. This is for those quick “oh god, my mother in law is coming over” moments – or in my case “I’m NOT sweeping this whole floor this week”. The side thing is great too, it actually does a good job of pulling stuff from the side of the wall. Get one. They are a must if you have lino or tile or hardwood. Priceless really.


• Bottom-emptying design allows you to empty the dust cup without touching it
• Patented wall-hugging technology with powered side brush that grabs dirt along walls
• 3-speed electronics for superior cleaning on all surface types
• Powerful 13″ motorized brush roll with low profile and long reach
• Rechargeable with 60 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge

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