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(Movie) Virgin Territory

When I picked this one, I wasn’t expecting a lot. But I was pleasantly surprised. It’s like some really screwed up take on Princess Bride or something like that. Lots of nudity and it’s not anything ANY child should see, I think. It’s campy and silly, but the setting is beautiful.

The main actress was horrible though – they could’ve done better than that.

Give it a watch… full of silliness, but well worth a watch.

Product Description
Hayden Christensen of Jumper stars as charming scoundrel Lorenzo di Lamberti who can – and does – deflower any woman he wants in 14th century Florence. But the only maiden that truly sets his heart ablaze is the sexy beauty Pampinea (Mischa Barton of The O.C.) who is also being pursued by an obsessed Russian count (Mathew Rhys of Brothers & Sisters) and a psycho nobleman (Academy Award® nominee Tim Roth) who has vowed to take her virtue. In a time when lust is contagious, can trickery become the ultimate act of seduction? Christopher Egan (Eragon) co-stars in this sexy action-comedy where one kiss may unlock a world of pleasure and anything can happen when you’re in Virgin Territory.

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