25 September 2008 ~ 0 Comments

(Movie) Drillbit Taylor

I don’t know why I liked this movie. It was stupid, but stupid in a campy funny way. Rent it – save it for the $1 rental, but give it a try… great for a lazy afternoon when you just need a laugh or few.


Ryan (Troy Gentile) Wade (Nate Hartley) and Emmit (David Dorfman) attend their first day at high school and they re pumped until they meet up with Filkins (Alex Frost) a school bully who comes off like a little Hannibal Lecter. Before they become completely engulfed in Filkins reign of terror they seek out some protection by placing an ad in Soldier of Fortune magazine. Their best response and the cheapest comes from Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) a down-on-his luck soldier of fortune who lives a homeless he likes to say home-free existence on the beach. He enrolls them in some physical and mental training.

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