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(Water Park) Volente Beach Waterpark in Austin, TX

Ah Volente Beach, when you first walk up to it, you cannot help but feel a tinge of nostalgia for Schlitterbahn when it first opened. The walk from the parking lot in the hot sun, the entrance at the top of the hill, and the teenage employees all brought back fond childhood memories.

Unfortunately, this is where the similarities end. I knew Schlitterbahn well while I was growing up. I went there many times. Trust me, Volente Beach is no Schittlerbahn.

First off: Do not bother going Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Most of the snack stands and the only real restaurant are all closed. Oh, and one of their two major rides is also closed.

Second: If your children are tall for their age, or just do not like riding large tube slides, stay home. The kiddie area is truly for kiddies shorter than 42″.

Speaking of height: The admission price is not based on age, but on the afore mentioned 42″. My 5 year old had to pay full adult admission.

Of the rides that were open, only one was worth the trip. Of the other two: The RoadRunner is so rough on the inside that I was sure I would have scratches all over my back when it was done. The ride was fun enough, but the pain was a distraction. The second one was just called the “Blue Slide”. Due to it being an “off day”, the water pressure was really low. I ended up having to propel myself (slowly) down the slide with my arms. It wasn’t due to my weight, my 9 year old niece had to do the same thing.

The one that was worth the trip was truly a lot of fun. For teenagers and over. My niece rode it with me once, but refused to go back and she is quite the daredevil.

So, for a family of 5 the price of admission is right at $100. You can find several coupons to bring this down to around $80. However, we were done in about 2 hours. There was just nothing left to do.

I recommend going to your local pool then having lunch in the park. For the less adventurous: go see a movie. You’ll get much more for your money and have a much better time.

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