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(Restaurant) Willy Os Burgers & More in Cedar Park, TX

Restaurant.com was having a great sale earlier this month so I grabbed a few coupons for a few new places. Willy O’s was one of them. We are big fans of burger joints. Not like McDonald’s. REAL burger joints. Like Moonie’s. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was a nice all-around restaurant, the kids liked their chicken tenders and fries. We had an order of pickle chips to share (which were pretty good). I liked that the burger patties were not these huge monster things that no one can actually eat and not feel like you are going to be sick afterwards. It’s a normal sized patty, a normal sized burger. In this day and age of “too much”, it was a nice change. Having said that — be warned, a large order of fries is enough for 2 people. Tom and I shared, thankfully. They are those small string-like fries, which he loves AND they are fresh cut and cooked as you order them. That right there was wonderful. No frozen crap! We didn’t try the chips (or ribbon fries I guess is what they call them, but our next time out, we definitely will). Great food at decent prices.

The only problem we had was, believe it or not, the trash cans. I hope they have ordered some new ones (I think this place is still very new). The doors don’t work so you can’t push them in to throw your trash away. There’s a small hole on top, but it’s not enough forward so the tray doesn’t fit on top and leave the hole open (which only a drink will fit through anyway). It’s really very odd.

The bathroom and main floor area was very clean. We were very early for lunch and noticed that the night crew obviously hadn’t cleaned up the the trash cans well – there were dried yucky ketchup on it – but the cans were just so WEIRD, who knows how they would clean then.

*laugh* – yes, I’m complaining about trash cans, people. It was odd to say the least to watch these two otherwise capable adults trying to figure out how to open the darn things!

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  1. Lainey 26 March 2009 at 12:18 am Permalink

    The Willy-O’s down South tanked in about 3 months. We tried it and when you have of choice of 6 different burger joints at an intersection they better do something to stand out.

    They didn’t.

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