13 August 2008 ~ 0 Comments

(Place) Volente Beach Waterpark

Tom reviewed this early and I agree with much of what he had to say. This was the worst water park we have ever been to. It was like some guy had 20 acres or so and built some stuff and put up a sign. The steps needed that non-slip stuff on it, we nearly bit it a few times. The pool water was NASTY (I’m sure it was lake fed, I don’t care, it was nasty looking). One of the draws for my kids was the pirate ship, but they were too tall to play on it (even though there were NO OTHER KIDS IN THERE). Anyway, there’s really not that much to do there and what is there is boring. Go to Schlitterbahn, spend the extra money. As much as I believe in spending my money locally, that place isn’t worth it.

Their website can be found HERE, but trust us, don’t waste your time.

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