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(Book) Confessions of a Crack Head by Zach Samuels


I’m a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to this book. I admire the author for having the guts to write it. I realized about half way through reading it that he wrote it for himself and those who know him more than for the general public. But then again, he did publish it, so…

The book meanders a bit and skips and jumps around; it definitely needed a bit more cohesiveness. It’s missing pieces. Perhaps that was on purpose because, let’s face it, the author understandably probably has large gaps in his own memory, but it doesn’t help with the reading of the book at all. It tries to stay in chronological order, but some chapters are just random thoughts by the author. I honestly didn’t care for that as much as I would have a more well-put-together book. It needed more “meat” and less “I took a hoot and another hoot and then I wrecked my car and got a girl and took a hoot”.

I found myself feeling very sad for this man. He obviously is rebuilding his life now, but I cannot imagine living my life in a constant state of “what if”. Even more, my heart went out to his family and friends. I have very little experience in this, but what they must go through even now must be very hard indeed.

Having said all that… this is worth a read through. Just keep in mind that it’s more of “personal” memoir than anything else. There are sections of this book that very very well done. I lost track of time in the middle of the book, which really is the best part.

Note: I also want to address the anonymous part of this… while I understand not wanting to put yourself or your loved ones through more pain, I also hate it when people use a pen a name. I was discussing it with some people and I agreed with one that said, “you have to own” an memoir. I think that’s true, it does lend more credibility to it. Ah… but then someone pointed out the Frey controversy and he used his real name… so perhaps not, huh?

Product Description
Zach Samuels is a devoted father, musician, teacher, and counselor who simply cannot put the pipe down. One day worth half a million dollars, the next day he’s picking up butts off the ground, homeless. Zach tells of his trials and tribulations in his addiction and his fight for life and recovery with the help of his sponsor Bob and his family’s support. Through it all Zach maintains his love and dedication to his daughter Paige and desperately prays for her to one day understand. This is a riveting tale of strength and hope you do not want to miss.

Confessions of a Crack Head is written anonymously to abide by the principles of the program Samuels practices and to avoid causing further shame or embarrassment to his friends and family.

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