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(Restaurant) Nino’s Pizza in Austin, TX

I noticed a new pizza place opened in Anderson Mill Shopping Center a few months ago called Nino’s Pizza and earlier this week we stopped by to check it out. I love New York style pizza, “that there’s folding pizza” 😉 But walking in to the place, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. It seemed a little deserted and the place was pretty bare bones as far as decor goes. There’s a TV, a few pictures, several plain tables/chairs. But the kids were all hyped up about pizza, so we decided what the heck.

The first thing you need to know (and this is something that Tom never seems to remember) – an 18″ pizza is HUGE and more than large enough for a family of 4. So Tom ordered a large (18″) pepperoni and an 18″ BBQ chicken. So yeah, we have these two huge pizzas (and yes, we brought an entire pizza home). The pepperoni is absolutely, 100% amazing. The sauce… the bread… the cheese. It’s all top-notch as far as I’m concerned. It rivals Saccone’s as our fave (which still hasn’t opened in the new location since the fire over here!)

Tom thought the BBQ chicken was pretty good. I am not a big fan of it anyway.

The crust though. Wow. Just wow. Give these guys a shot. You can eat there or take home (or if your spouse is like mine, you can do both!)

The only thing that could make ’em all better is if they delivered.

ABOUT THEIR PIZZA (From the website)
We offer authentic New York Style pizza and Sicilian style too. Our ovens are originally from New York, having spent 13 years in Brooklyn before moving to Florida for another 17 or so and then coming to us. New Yorkers know, the oven makes a big difference!

Its not just the ovens that make our pizza tasty, its Chef and Owner, Ambrogio Buraglia’s nearly 20 years of experience that makes Nino’s Pizza so delicious. Ambrogio is the only one who knows the secret recipe for the dough and the sauce, the two most important ingredients in any pizza.

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