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(Product) Bucky Duo Bed Pillow

I am on a constant quest for a pillow that doesn’t suck. I like pillows that are so firm, they are basically soft bricks. These days you cannot find one that doesn’t make your head sick directly to the mattress, I swear. They are all too soft. So, I’m constantly squeezing pillows everywhere we go. Too soft, too soft, too soft, too soft. We were at Bed Bath and Beyond last week and Tom came across this heavy pillow “full of stuff”. Oh yeah, baby. These thing isn’t going anywhere.

I’ve slept on it a few days now and I must say that I FINALLY am not waking up with a headache from the strain on my neck (and those neck pillows only choke you, don’t bother). This is great because the millet and buckwheat can easily move around to mold to the shape of my head/neck. I can make it bunch around under my neck for more support or I can sit up in bed and read and not worry about it taking forever (hello memory foam my old friend) to go back into shape. So far, I’m VERY impressed.

The bad? The buckwheat side is pretty noisy. It’s a soft rustling sound. So, I use mainly the millet to fall asleep and flip it over in my sleep if one side gets too hot (yes, I’m a sleep pillow flipper – the things you learn about people, right?)

Anyway… this thing is pretty cool so far. If it’s too big, you can also remove some of the stuff inside, but it seems pretty right on for me. The pillow is kind of small, but I don’t have a big head, so it works. 🙂

Product Description
Ingenious double-sided design gives you the best of our two natural fillings in one luxurious bed pillow. Buckwheat for cool, stable support. Millet for dense, silky softness. Too full? Just unzip and remove some filling. Comes with a pure white pillow case in elegant quilted knit fabric. Packaging is a useful vinyl tote-great for storage, shopping, or going to the beach! Washable cover.

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