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(Book) Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk


This is one really screwed up book. I’ve always said that to be in Stephen King’s head must be a scary place, but I’m starting to wonder if Chuck Palahniuk’s head is even scarier. How does one sit down and come up with stuff like this? There were a few things that were a bit of a let down, but the ending totally played with my head. It didn’t sit in my brain with all the other “Fertility” hints we had been given. I was ready to throw things around until I found the author’s website where he explains it. Ahhh… now I feel better 🙂

Do NOT go to this link if you haven’t read the book. Seriously!
Survivor Ending

From Chapters:
The lives of the passengers aboard flight 2039 are in the hands of Tender Branson. This may prove to be fatal, as the last surviving member of the Creedish Death Cult has something terrible in store for this flight. As Branson cruises on autopilot, he is dictating the story of his life and his thoughts on suicide, martyrdom and the importance of press coverage. As the plane heads for its final destination in the Australian outback, Branson ponders the decline of society. From Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, comes Survivor.

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