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(Book) Post Secret: My Secret by Frank Warren


You ever stumble across someone’s diary and “accidentally” read a page or two? You get this one little snippet of their life. It could be boring, that they had soup for dinner – or it could be something serious, like they are clinically depressed – or it could be something silly, like they let their dog lick their toes because it tickles. That’s kind of what this book is. It’s someone sending out a secret of theirs into the world to be discovered, and maybe even published somewhere. The entire project has fascinated me from the beginning and I’m even more fascinated to watch what it has become. Don’t miss this – or see a postcard or two for free at the website – postsecret.com


Postsecret.com founder and author Frank Warren is back with a fresh and compelling companion to his wildly popular Los Angeles Times bestseller, PostSecret. For My Secret, a collectible book, Warren has personally selected never-before-seen anonymous postcards created by teens and college students from across the country. Each card bears an intimate and powerful secret—at turns inspirational, shocking, hilarious, and poetic—that is told through original illustrations, photographs, collages, and other creative means. Sample messages include:

“Anorexia made her faster and we all wanted our cross-country team to qualify for state so we ignored it. Now she’s in the hospital but we got our wish.”
“Have fun with your new friends. I hope they eat you alive.”
“My friends think I was homeschooled. I spent high school in juvi.”

A unique and important book that will appeal to both young adults and their parents, My Secret offers a raw and revealing glimpse into the real lives of today’s teens and twentysomethings. Choosing their own handmade postcards over email or text messages, teens and college students express their hopes, fears, and wildest confessions in a way that truly represents their diverse personalities and voices.

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  1. Erin 30 July 2008 at 7:18 pm Permalink

    I want to read this book SO badly!

    It looks good, I’m addicted to the website. 🙂

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