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(Movie) Mad Money

I wasn’t too sure about this one… and it didn’t suck. It was weird to see Katie Holmes actually speak and move – she seems like such a robot the rest of the time. Anyway, Keaton and Latifah rule this film. The acting is very very good. It’s the script that is lacking here… the parts that are funny aren’t as prominent as the parts that are SUPPOSED to be funny but just aren’t. It’s worth a watch, but stick to the dollar machine ­čśë

Product Description
Academy Award® winner Diane Keaton Academy Award® nominee Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes are all in for the crime of their lives! Deep inside the most secure bank in America three desperate women from very different worlds cook up the most unlikely heist of the century: Smuggle out millions of dollars in worn-out currency headed for a Federal Reserve shredder every day. Taking the cash is going to be easy but getting away with it will be insane! Ted Danson Christopher McDonald (HAPPY GILMORE) Roger Cross (24) and Stephen Root (OFFICE SPACE) co-star in this wild comedy caper from the creator of THELMA & LOUISE about chasing your dreams beating the system and paying the price for MAD MONEY!

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