25 June 2008 ~ 0 Comments

(Movie) Bring It On: In It To Win It

… cuz, I dunno about you, but I always spontaneously break out into a cheer competition when I’m at the beach.

This was a stupid movie, I won’t lie. They are all pretty stupid, but I have some sick inner child that loves to watch them do all the flips and tricks and fun stuff like that. Yes, it’s completely and utterly useless, a “teen” romantic comedy. Who cares, it’s worth a watch just to see the competition.

There’s some older themes and talk of virginity, I did let the kids watch parts of it – esp at the end, because they came in while the tricks were going on. It all went right over their heads though 🙂

Product Description
High-flyin’ fun hot music and no-holds-barred competition go to new heights in this all-new comedy! The feisty East Coast Jets have ruled the Cheer Camp Championships with spunk and attitude for the past few years. Now the spirited West Coast Sharks think they have the right moves and grooves to be crowned top squad. But when cheertastrophe strikes and their dreams of taking home the top prize are in jeopardy the leaders of both squads realize they’ll have to work together and bring it on like never before!

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