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You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again by Suzanne Hansen


This was a fluffy read, but it seemed a little vindictive, if I’m being honest. The parents weren’t stars, that’s for sure, but the author, while recognizing she was to blame somewhat, still was a little over-the-top. A lot of the problems may have been able to be resolved had she not hid from them for so long.

Having said that, the parents… oh, the parents. The first couple were awful, awful awful. BUT… it did confirm what I already thought was true – DiVito and Pearlman always seemed like a great couple and really honest-to-goodness good/real people. That made me smile. I think so much of that “real people” effect is missing in the stars, in what we know about them, what we learn about them, etc. They live busy lives and need help, but they do recall that they have children.

On the other side of the spectrum was Debra Winger, who seemed like such a sweet soul, but maybe a little too touchy feely for me.

The book wasn’t about the stars, I realize that, but the content was so “oh geez, would you all just grow up” in that first house that I don’t really have anything to say about it beyond that.

I hope the author has grown up a bit since then and, most importantly, is enjoying her own children now.

From the Publisher
New and completely updated edition

Hilarious and addictive, this chronicle of a small-town girl’s stint as a celebrity nanny reveals what really happens in the diaper trenches of Hollywood.

When Oregon native Suzanne Hansen becomes a live-in nanny to the children of Hollywood uber-agent Michael Ovitz, she thinks she’s found the job of her dreams. But Hansen’s behind-the-scenes access soon gets her much more than she bargained for: working twenty-four hours a day, juggling the shifting demands of the Hollywood elite, and struggling to comprehend wealth unimaginable to most Americans, not to mention dealing with the expected tantrums and the unexpected tense-and intense-atmosphere in the house where she lives with her employers.

When the thankless drudgery takes its toll and Hansen finally quits, her boss threatens to blackball her from ever nannying in Hollywood again. Discouraged but determined, Hansen manages to land gigs with Debra Winger and then Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. Attentive, welcoming parents with a relaxed attitude toward celebrity-looks like Hansen’s fallen into a real-life happy ending. But the round-the-clock workdays continue, rubbing some of the glitter off L.A. living, and Hansen’s not sure how much longer she can pretend to be Mary Poppins. Even bosses who treat her like family can’t help as she struggles to find meaning in her work while living in a town that seems to lack respect for nannies and everyone else who comes in the employee’s entrance-but without whom many showbiz households would grind to a halt.

Peppering her own journey with true stories and high drama experienced by other nannies to the stars, Hansen offers an intriguing,entertaining mix of tales from the cribs of the rich and famous. You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again is a treat for everyone who is fascinated by the skewed priorities of Tinseltown, for anyone who has wondered how high-wattage supermoms do it all, and for readers who love peeking behind the curtains of celebrity, all of whom will devour this unparalleled-and unabashedly true-account of one girl’s tour of duty as Hollywood’s hired help.

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