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The Mommy Club by Sarah Bird


This was a good book, but not what I was expecting. I didn’t like the main character. At 38-40 years old, I mean, seriously. I hated how whimsical she took getting pregnant and how easy she thought the whole thing would be. I also cannot get over what she did at the end. I don’t know which way I would have been more angry about, but it didn’t seem right.

Yes, it was funny in some parts, very funny. But… I dunno… I just don’t know how I liked it (or not)… hmmm…


At thirty-eight, Trudy Herring is a dreamer, a sculptor of whimsical clay figures, and a permanent temporary worker at the San Antonio Museum of Folk Art. But all that changes when she agrees to incubate a child for Hillary Goettler (her boss) and Hillary’s husband. Trudy moves into their mansion and is instantly thrust into a luxurious world she’s never known before. While Hillary opines that parenthood is simply a “time-management problem,” Trudy is forced to consume noxiously healthy meals in a home where the decor changes faster than a Neiman Marcus window display. As her body warms to the other life inside, Trudy begins to long for her old flame, Sinclair Coker, “a freelance mystic with a lot of enthusiasm for the carnal.” The quest to satisfy her cravings leads Trudy to discover that it takes a lot more than war stories about childbirth and potty training for a woman to qualify for true membership in “the mommy club.”

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