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Cute Little Store: Between the Entrepreneurial Dream and Business Reality by Adeena Mignogna


This book should be required reading for anyone – ANYONE – wanting to open a retail shop. In my real life, I’m own a bookkeeping service business. Some of what she talks about relates, but really this is geared towards those looking to open retail. Several of my clients could have used with a good read or two of this particular book. It’s a great big dose of reality.

Not only that, but my husband opened a retail business 5 or so years ago. Let’s just say he works with me in my bookkeeping business now *laugh*

I also went to the store’s website and it looks like they closed in March 2008. I’m interested to see what happened in her next book.

If you are thinking of, considering, anything to do with a retail business. Read this book first. Every single word in there was very relevant.


It’s those first couple of years that can make or break a small business. Before you decide to open up your own retail shop, read this book!

You’re ready to take that risk (or you’ve already started). You know the odds are stacked against you, and you’re looking for some moral support. You want to know how others have dealt with the first difficult years of owning their own retail business, their own “cute little store.” Many books tell you how to start a business, but not many deal with what happens right after you’ve made that leap. Cute Little Store tells you about all the little pitfalls that happen along the way, and how to not let those pitfalls get in the way of your success.

Cute Little Store gives you insights into:

How to deal with leasing and landlords

How to hire, retain, and treat your employees

How to deal with crazy customers, mean customers, and how to appreciate those customers who make your business worthwhile

How to prepare for disaster

How to know who “the competition” is, why you should care, and how you can deal with it

How to market and advertise your business and unleash your creativity

How to survive those first two years, from business planning and organization to handling everyday crises

What techniques you can use to relieve your stress and keep yourself sane

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