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Disclaimer: I do get some of these books/products for free for doing an honest review. Yes, those are affiliate links and I could be compensated if you purchase through them. It\'s always small and it always goes to my kids college funds.

18 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

DII Bone Dry Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Pet Drying Mitts and Towel

DII Bone Dry Ultra Absorbent Microfiber
These towels work great! With having a dog with long hair and …,

These towels work great! With having a dog with long hair and a bad dandruff problem, he has to be bathed twice a week. These are great. It doesn’t completely dry him but does dry him enough so he doesn’t drip all over the hallway and house. We received a blue one with a bone on it which is great so no one in our house uses it without knowing that it is our dog’s towel. Also great since our dog does not like to sit still while getting dry. This is faster that drying him with multiple towels so he doesn’t drip instead it only takes one!

I highly recommend this for drying your dog after a bath but can be used for other uses.

DII Bone Dry microfiber dog bath towels with embroidered paw print or bone are durable, absorbent, and fast drying. These are perfect for drying measuring 44 x 27.5 inches. DII microfiber dog bath towels are long lasting and machine washable. Quickly dry off your pet after bath time with DII super absorbent pet towels. Visit amazon.com/design-imports.com for more pet products.

Rating: ★★★★★

16 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

PoodleHouse Shinning Polk Dots Princess Wedding Dresses Summer Little Dog Skirt Size XS

dog dressOne of the best dresses I have seen for small dogs.

We put the dress on our very picky chihuahua and she loved it! Sometimes she will refuse to wear certain clothes so to see how much she loved this one is great. She would practically put it on herself when we would take it out. She looked great in all the different dresses and they would work even in the summer or any other month because they don’t make her over heat or anything. The dress is easy to put om her and take off. Overall I would say this is a great dress for small dogs like chihuahuas. And looks great on them too. One of the best dresses for dogs I have seen.
“A discounted or free sample was provided for my honest opinion of this product”

Beautiful flower designs and the flowing back is adorable.The stretchy material fabric is very soft and a bright and pretty yellow with white polka dots. The skirt section is like a nylon mesh and it has three pretty yellow flowers on the back.The dress is a lovely bright yellow color with white polka dots. The bottom part is similar to a tutu. It is also bright yellow and super cute.Excellent for Easter and spring, but also wonderful for summer.

Rating: ★★★★★

04 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Skip Hop Explore & More Activity Gym

babyThe baby loves it!

My friends baby loves it! We brought it for his three month celebration. He uses it all the time. The pad is comfortable and large. And the toys and all the different activities on the gym entertains him for hours! He loves all three positions for the arch, especially the seated play. The slot for your cellphone is very useful to get lots of photos without hassle and the baby’s mom takes pictures all the time and posts them to her social media. The mat and toys are very well made and we didn’t have any troubles. The only problem is the price but I would say that even with a high price buying this baby gym is still worth the money.


Grow-with-me gym features lights, sounds and motion!

Our gym is bursting with dynamic friends, including a hooting owl, a musical hedgehog, a dancing fox and more! Position the arch overhead for newborn exploration, then bring it down for tummy time or to convert to a seated activity center. Slip your phone in the parent pocket to record those special milestones or let grandma observe the action from afar! Baby will think he’s looking at a mirror– and not your camera– which means you’ll capture some truly amazing moments!

Rating: ★★★★★

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02 August 2016 ~ 0 Comments

DiscoverTM D902 Long Range Dual Ear Wireless Office Headset

headsetA great Headset.

I love this headset! It replaced my old high end Logitech headset that I used exclusively. Because the quality of this is so much better. The dual ear design allows me to be fully present in the conversation. Plus since my office is right by the kitchen and with 2 kids and a nephew that lives with us there is lots of noise, so the dual ear design helps dampen the background noise. I have an all day webinar every month or so and it works great for this. I didn’t even have to charge it once! I have a lot of stuff on my desk so this base works great because it is small and doesn’t take up a lot of room on my desk. Below are the the main points of what I loved about this headset.
Main Highlights:
– Very comfortable
– Doesn’t hurt my ears
– Is still comfortable with glasses on
– Long battery life
– Great sound quality
– Works seamlessly with my Desk Phone and PC
– A small Base
Over all a great headset!

The new DiscoverTM D902 dual ear wireless office headset is lightweight, easy to use, sounds great and has the longest wireless range rated up to 1200 feet. This headset is compatible with 98% of corded office phones and computers so you can use one headset for all your communications needs. It’s extremely simple and easy to use switch between PC and Desk phone with the click of a button. Guaranteed compatible with your desktop style telephone including, Cisco, Polycom, Shoretel, Avaya, ATT, Mitel, Grandstream, Panasonic and much more. Backed by a 2 year warranty and lifetime product support, you have peace of mind that you are covered.

Rating: ★★★★★

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28 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

CAP Barbell Strength Standard Bench with Leg Developer

weight benchAlso he liked that it was multi purpose for leg development…

My nephew wanted a bench for lifted weights. He was doing it without a bench but with the bench he said it made it much easier for him. Also he liked that it was multi purpose for leg development. Before we were taking him to a gym but there aren’t many gyms too close to our house. So this was a nice compromise for sure. Also he loves the 4 positions it can be in but the distance between them is kinda disappointing, it is very small.. The low weight limit was bit of a concern but for now at least he isn’t lifting that much. The weights he already had worked fine with this bench.

It doesn’t take up a lot of room which is great since his room is very small. The biggest problem we found is that my nephew had a very hard time putting it together.

Over all though he loves the bench and uses it all the time.

The cap strength standard bench with leg developer is ideal for weight lifting and leg training. The back has three height adjustments and the bar catch has four positions. Two plate storage posts keep your plates off the ground and organized.

Rating: ★★★★☆

26 July 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Outward Hound Kyjen 41019 Lucky Dog Slot Toy

lucky dog slotsA good dog toy

Two of my dogs love this. They are smart dogs and love all and any puzzles. They like challenges. It took them a bit to figure it out but once they did they would use it all the time! Kibble was enough to get our dogs interested.

Our dachshund has short legs but instead used her nose to press the flap to get the kibble/treats. Our terrier mutt is large enough to use his paws, but would get confused sometimes and scratch it. Then our two chihuahuas couldn’t use it because they are too small, but instead they would stay behind our dachshund and terrier to get the kibble when they would dispense it.

Sadly though there are a few cons too. Sometimes when our dogs would press the flap too hard they would make it flip over. Also sometimes the kibble or treats would get jammed then our dogs would throw the toy around.

But over all this toy is great, And most of our dogs love it.

Do you feel lucky, pup? Well, do ya? This treat-dispensing slot machine-style game features a kibble-releasing paw press and 3 chambers of jackpot treat-winning fun! When pups push down the paw press treat releaser, Lucky Dog Slots makes it rain goodies! Fill up with your favorite treats or kibbles, and bring “Dog Vegas” fun home to your furry friend. Every dog’s a winner with Outward Hound Games! Bring out the genius in your dog with our interactive, treat-seeking puzzles and exercise toys. Game on!.

Rating: ★★★★☆

26 May 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Pokémon Ash’s Arena Challenge

Pokémon Ash's Arena ChallengeThe kid loved it, but I don’t get it….

My nephew is a MAJOR Pokemon fan. The kid knows all of the character names and can tell me all of the major stories and their powers, etc. It kind of makes my head spin because when I ask him what he did in school that day, he doesn’t remember. Yeah, he’s THAT kid.

So, I brought this over to his house and squeals and sounds of glee exploded forth from him. He and I then got the package open (well he ripped it open while I stood back out of the way). We sat on the floor to play together. He loved it. He quickly figured out how to do the different “moves” and soon brought out more of his figures that he knew would work with it.

I admit, I don’t really get it. I mean, it’s a super simple toy and it looks to me, it would get boring after a while, but he never seemed to tire of it. He’d put a new guy on there and send them barreling down the arena.

He’s had it for a few months now and he STILL plays with it. I dunno, but it’s “way cool” in his eyes. Good enough for an 8 year old 🙂

Recommended for rabid Pokemon fans.

Step into the competition with the new Ash’s Arena Challenge! Turn Ash’s hat backwards to get him battle-ready and send the highly articulated Pikachu into action. Use the buttons on the arena to activate Pikachu’s Quick Attack, Thunderbolt and Iron Tail to take down its opponent. These three unique battle moves also activate authentic music, voice and attack sounds for realistic battle play. This set includes an articulated Pikachu, articulated Ash, a Wobbuffet figure, and arena. As a bonus, most small size Pokémon figures are compatible with the arena.

Rating: ★★★★☆

24 May 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle And Foot Finder Gift Set

Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle And Foot Finder Gift SetSuper cute and baby loves them!

These are so super cute! They are little socks and wristlets for baby with colorful bugs on them. Super easy to use, you just velcro the wristlets onto their wrists and put their socks on. For babies that play on their backs with their feet in the air, this is ADORABLE – and it looks so freaking cute as well.

The downside is that they are only really good for three to six months or so, then the baby outgrows them and spends more time pulling them off of their feet than anything, but during that time that there are so few toys that really interest them, these are perfect – and you don’t have to worry about them dropping them – or even being able to hold them.

Recommended for cute little babies everywhere!

The Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattles and Footfinders put tons of fun within your baby’s reach! Cute colorful bugs wrap and rattle gently around baby’s wrists, fastening easily and safely with Velcro tabs. Brightly colored ankle socks slip on easily so baby and bugs can enjoy each other’s company. Enchanting rattles, contrasting patterns and bright colors stimulate vision, interaction and discovery. Baby-soft materials are safe for baby to chew. Lamaze inspires daily discoveries through toys created with delightful surprises that encourage baby to learn while playing.

Rating: ★★★★☆

21 January 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Andes Handmade from 12-ounce Pure Cotton Canvas Tote Bag, Giraffes Family

Cotton canvas tote bagSuper cute bag

I admit that I’ve never been much of a bag person, but a few years ago my city instituted a bag ban. That means that you have to bring your own bags to all stores – grocery store included. I forget sometimes and have to pay for their paper bags, but I’m getting better about bringing my own. That also means that I’ve turned into one of those people that ooohhh and ahhhhs over cute bags.

And this one is really super cute. And it’s super roomy too. I feel like it’s one of my largest bags made of this type of material. It also has two flaps down at the bottom (big enough for two water bottles to be made to stand upright, which I’m sure was the intention, but I use it to hold other grocery items to keep them from tipping over or clanking together (think two glass jars – I’m always terrified they are going to break and make a huge mess, but this keeps them nice and secure in their own little corners.

I’ve also had a chance to use it when I was taking a bunch of stuff to a friend of mine and, again, it held a BUNCH of stuff. The handles and bag itself are very well made and sturdy. A great bag, really!

A sample of this product was sent to me at now to little cost for my honest unbiased review.

Stylish and FashionableFollowing a classic design and made from natural, unbleached cotton, this tote bag looks great as it fulfills its utilitarian purpose. The fanciful and lovely “Giraffes Family” design printed on one side is sure to bring a smile to everyone who sees it.

Strong and Versatile

Perfect for groceries and other shopping, school, beach trips, picnics, carrying your laptop, as an overnight bag or gym bag, and far more. The 15.3″ x 13″ x 4.5″ size is roomy enough for countless different uses, and the bag will hold up to 30 pounds in weight. The two inside pockets are great for organizing smaller items

Hand-Crafted From the Best Material

Finely made from heavy 12 ounce canvas by skilled craftspeople, this bag will last for years and years. You won’t find loose threads and unraveling hems as on cheap machine-made bags.

Practical and Eco-Friendly

Everyone knows that “paper or plastic” is just a choice between two evils. Take a few of these beautiful bags with you when you go grocery shopping and you’ll look great as you do your part for the environment.

Machine Washable

The bag can be machine-washed and line-dried (no dryer, please), so no worries if it gets soiled.


At Andes, we believe in our products. That’s why we stand behind them with a money-back guarantee, and provide easy-to-reach customer support.

Rating: ★★★★★

19 January 2016 ~ 0 Comments

OtterBox Symmetry Series Samsung Galaxy S6 Case – Sorbet Crystal


Just doesn’t seem as protective as other OtterBox products

I’m a major OtterBox fan, maybe it’s because I’m really hard on my phones or maybe I’m just accident prone, but I don’t buy a new phone without an OtterBox on it. I had high hopes for this small looking case because so many of the OtterBox products are a little bulky. I thought that perhaps they had found a way to better protect without so much bulk.

I’m just not sure this will project my phone. It IS much less bulky and it’s very stylish. Although I cannot figure out WHY they did not include one of the paper skins. If you want one, you have to purchase it separately – and they aren’t cheap either. If you are crafty, you could perhaps take one of them and cut out on paper of your choice to make your own custom skin.

I’ve had this on my phone for a couple of weeks and the material is a little grabby so it gets lint stuck to it and it’s just…. it’s just not for me. I’ll go back to my OtterBox Defender, I’m afraid. It’s always saved me. I just don’t have the same level of comfort level with this one.

Customizable style – Keep it clear to boast the Samsung Galaxy S6 logo or flaunt your personality with Swappable Design Inserts

Rating: ★★★☆☆